Yoga with Annie!

Annie Carlin, RYT-200
I specialize in a supportive practice for your body.  My teaching philosophy is simple: the yoga asana practice is totally customizable and everyone can do amazing things on the mat. I work with you to make the practice work for you.

Group Yoga Classes

Maha Yoga, Thursdays at 8:15pm at Abhaya Yoga, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

Experience all of the benefits of yoga with the pace and postures specifically adapted for your body. Stretch, strengthen, and build endurance with a practice designed to complement your individual strengths and challenges. Do you have a large, round or curvy body? Are you working with an injury, or prefer a slower pace to ensure optimal alignment and ease in each pose? Think yoga isn’t for you or struggling to make yoga work for you? Try this class and explore all the amazing possibilities for your practice! Whether a complete beginner or a more experienced yogi, students will enjoy all that yoga has to offer using breath, meditation, modified poses and props in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment.

Sub Schedule:

I am subbing classes at Mala YogaBend and Bloom Yoga and Third Root in Brooklyn, NY. Check back here for updates!

6/24/14-7/29/14: Prenatal Tuesdays at 12:30pm at Mala Yoga

7/3/14: Intermediate/Advanced at 12:30pm at Third Root

7/5/14: All Levels at 8:00am at Mala Yoga, 1:45pm Open Flow and 3:30pm Basics at Bend and Bloom

7/7/14: Sunrise Yoga at 6:30am at Mala Yoga

Private Yoga:

I offer private and semi-private yoga classes in your home or office.  Private yoga sessions are great if you would like a practice completely tailored to your needs or if you don’t feel comfortable in a studio setting. Share a session with a friend or loved one for a more affordable option!  Private yoga sessions can be booked one at a time or as part of a package.  Please fill out the form below to inquire about rates or to book sessions!

*Private sessions can also be arranged at a studio in Brooklyn, but the price will increase to cover the studio rental fee.

Skype Consultations and Sessions:

Did you know that I offer Skype consultations and yoga sessions?  We’ll do an initial consultation to chat about what your needs are and what you are working on and then I’ll create a custom sequence and class for you which we can go through together!  Then you can either continue to practice with me over skype at set times – just like a private yoga session – or you can work on your own and we can rendez-vous again when you are ready to move on or have questions!

Let’s get started!

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