What Annie’s students are saying about Supportive Yoga:

Practicing yoga with Annie has been one of the most body affirming experiences.  She is patient, funny, exacting, and fabulous.  Her classes are a wonderful balance of challenge and basic yoga poses.  She dishes out inspiration and small corrections with ease.  She inspires me to practice more yoga and push myself to try poses I had previously written off as poses only skinny yoginis could accomplish.  Annie is one of my yoga (s)heroes. – Emily G.

In September of 2011, stressed by work beyond belief, I was looking for a yoga class that I could do, and stumbled upon the community week intro to “Plus size yoga”.  I told myself I’d take the one class, and if I could do it, I’d sign up for the series.  Annie was an awesome teacher, who worked with everyone’s limits and taught us how to use props to work around them.  So, I signed up for the series, a few weeks later, I was convincing my friends to join me.  Annie can truly make yoga work for anybody, even me with my arthritic knees, serious mental blocks, and tendency to get whiny and giggle at inappropriate times in class. I’ve had a ton of fun with Annie, have learned that I can do yoga, regardless of my size and limits, and would recommend that anyone looking to start or return to a yoga practice take a class with her. – Melinda C.

I have been taking classes with Annie since she started yoga teacher training and I can honestly say that I have learned something new in each and every class. She makes yoga accessible (even to my sometimes yoga-adverse/highly-inflexible husband!) in a way that allows us participants to try our best, but not take ourselves too seriously! Most importantly, Annie makes everyone, whether beginner or experienced yogi, feel comfortable. She helps us with the use of props and her sense of humor to enjoy the class and to try poses we might not have thought possible. I recently took an inversion workshop with her and, with the modifications she suggested, I tried poses like headstand that I have not felt comfortable trying for years.
I definitely recommend her! – Julie H.

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