• As the weather starts to get warmer (I feel like we've changed seasons about ten times in the past few weeks), I start to crave more cooling postures and longer holds. Forward bends fit both those bills, so I decided that the June Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month is...

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Seated Spinal Twist

Of all the families of yoga poses, closed twists are some of the hardest to modify for larger bodies.  But hard doesn’t mean impossible and I really wanted to find ways to incorporate these poses into my own practice and into the practice of my students.  Closed twists are really good for the system – … Continue reading

Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month: May 2014

Hi everyone!  Sorry this post is a little late – we’re well into May right now.  Things have started to pick up here and I’m starting to get some teaching gigs, so it’s all good news!  Also, I was so happy to finally get to meet and hang out with Amber Karnes, who is the … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesdays: Lung support

Ha!  I bet you long time Supportive Readers (hi!  I love you) thought I forgot about Sequence Wednesdays!  Nope! Now that I have lots of time on my hands before I get people to hire me to teach yoga, I thought I’d see if I could bring the series back.  Also, if you’ve been following me … Continue reading

Gomukhasana arms with a yoga strap

New city = new yoga studios.  I’ve been running around checking out different studios in my pocket of Brooklyn looking for places to practice and teach – and yes, it’s still nerve-wracking for me to walk into a new studio with teachers and staff I don’t know!  So far, everything has been going well, though … Continue reading

Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month: April 2014

The Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month 2014 is…downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana)!! As much as I love the fancy poses, sometimes it feels really nice to get back to basics.  Downward facing dog is one of first poses taught in yoga class (that doesn’t mean it’s easy!!) and certainly one of the most … Continue reading

On making plans

Humans plan, God laughs…I’ve been repeating that to myself a lot lately.  Whatever your own personal beliefs are about the divine, I think it’s a good mantra to have in your arsenal to remind yourself that no matter how much you can control in your life, there will always be some things that you can’t. … Continue reading

Moving to New York- and a Special Offer!

Alternative titles for this post: “Ch-ch-ch-changes” or “Deep breaths…or possibly hyperventilating” In a few weeks I will be saying goodbye to the District of Columbia (and Maryland and Virginia) to move back home to Brooklyn, NY!  I grew up in Brooklyn, so I’m thrilled to be going back.  I will, of course, miss my yoga … Continue reading

Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month: March 2014

Hi everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the inaugural Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month in February!  Last month we did vasistasana and this month, drumroll please, the pose of the month is…Ardha Chandrasana! (Half moon pose) When asked what my favorite yoga pose is, this is the one I always come back to!  I love … Continue reading


I promised you a hanumanasana post last week – so I’m sorry for the delay – I got a bit distracted by my article on Mind Body Green.  If you haven’t see it yet, please go check it out! I shared a picture of me (yay, yoga selfies!) in hanumanasana on My Real Yoga Body’s … Continue reading

Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month: February 2014

If you haven’t yet, please head over to Yogasteya to check out my blog on why I’ll continue to practice advanced yoga poses! Today I’m introducing a new series on Supportive Yoga.  Each month I’ll do a Supportive Yoga pose of the month along with some tips for practicing it.  I’d love for you to … Continue reading

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