Sequence Wednesdays: Lung support

Ha!  I bet you long time Supportive Readers (hi!  I love you) thought I forgot about Sequence Wednesdays!  Nope! Now that I have lots of time on my hands before I get people to hire me to teach yoga, I thought I’d see if I could bring the series back.  Also, if you’ve been following me … Continue reading

Gomukhasana arms with a yoga strap

New city = new yoga studios.  I’ve been running around checking out different studios in my pocket of Brooklyn looking for places to practice and teach – and yes, it’s still nerve-wracking for me to walk into a new studio with teachers and staff I don’t know!  So far, everything has been going well, though … Continue reading

Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month: April 2014

The Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month 2014 is…downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana)!! As much as I love the fancy poses, sometimes it feels really nice to get back to basics.  Downward facing dog is one of first poses taught in yoga class (that doesn’t mean it’s easy!!) and certainly one of the most … Continue reading

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