Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month: February 2014

If you haven’t yet, please head over to Yogasteya to check out my blog on why I’ll continue to practice advanced yoga poses!

Today I’m introducing a new series on Supportive Yoga.  Each month I’ll do a Supportive Yoga pose of the month along with some tips for practicing it.  I’d love for you to play along and post photos of yourselves in the pose under the hashtag #supportiveyoga on whatever social media outlet you choose.  I can’t wait to see all your awesomeness!

So without further ado, February’s Supportive Yoga pose of the month is…drumroll please…vasistasana!

I love this pose because it makes me feel strong and balanced.  It’s great because there are a ton of options for supporting it, including keeping one knee on the ground, playing around with where your top foot ends up, and literally propping yourself up with a bolster or block.

Here are a few options for practicing vasistasana (side plank) going from least supported to most supported.

The full unsupported version:

Wild thing – or a flipped dog (my personal favorite):
Wild thing

Supported vasistasana with the top foot placed on the mat in front of you:

The most supported version with bottom knee down on the mat:

And of course, the inevitable and awesome falling on the mat in heaps of giggles. This might be my favorite picture of all of them!  Laughing during the practice and allowing myself to fall is so precious to me – it’s essential really.

Ok – now it’s your turn!  Try any and all of these poses and don’t forget to take photos and tag them with #supportiveyoga!

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  1. […] hope you enjoyed the inaugural Supportive Yoga Pose of the Month in February!  Last month with did vasistasana and this month, drumroll please, the pose of the month is…Ardha Chandrasana! (Half moon […]

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