Minor Site Changes and Coming Soon

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I just wanted to let you know about some minor site changes I made to help make the content a little more easily accessible and also to let you know that I added some limited, hand selected advertising and a few affiliate links. I’ve created a few new pages that will help … Continue reading

Lola Getts Active Giveaway Winner!

Hi Everyone!  Thank you so much for entering my Lola Getts Active Giveaway!!  I wish I know you all want me to get straight to the winner, so here we go! I counted up the comments (throwing out the non-entries like my replies) and then plugged them in to a true random number generator. True … Continue reading

Lola Getts Active GIVEAWAY!

*This giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone for participating!! Hope 2014 is treating you well so far!  I hope you are warm, wherever you are!! I’m more excited than usual today because I get to give you stuff!  And not just any stuff…I get to give you YOGA CLOTHES!!! (Yes, I’m shouting…it’s probably … Continue reading

Supported Bridge and Half Shoulder Stand

“Inversions on my my my my my mind” – imagine me singing that to “Back in the USSR” and dancing in my desk chair and your probably have a decent idea of how I write these posts!  I’m back with another asana post – the first of the year!  I promise I will eventually write … Continue reading

Guest post: How to find and sustain a body affirming practice

Happy New Year!  I hope you had wonderful, relaxing holidays and are ready to take 2014 by storm!!  What better way to start off a brand new year than to be able to share with you a post by one of my favorite people, Emily Goodstein.  Emily has thrown herself into her practice with a … Continue reading

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