Schedule Updates and News

This has been a really awesome summer for me and for Supportive Yoga.  I’ve been teaching three classes a week at Golden Heart Yoga, including two very successful Yoga for Larger Bodies miniseries!  When I started working with Golden Heart Yoga, I wasn’t really sure what would happen once the summer was over, but I’m so happy to announce that I will continue to work with them in the fall and beyond!

The biggest news is that because of the overwhelming response to the Yoga for Larger Bodies miniseries (due, at least in part, to the amazing Washington Post article), we are making it a permanent class!  The class will be held on Tuesday nights at 7:15pm at Golden Heart Yoga and it will be a drop-in class.  Without the structure of the miniseries, I will be able plan more flexible (pun intended) sequences and work on customizing the practice to whomever happens to be in class that day.  My larger-bodied students will have a  class that caters specifically to them for as long as they’d like to practice with me.  I cannot wait to get started.  If you’ve been attending the miniseries classes, thank you!  Please keep coming and bring your friends.  Let’s make sure this c;lass is sustainable!  The first class will be held on September 3rd (the Tuesday after labor day.)

I will also be moving my general group classes at Golden Heart to Tuesdays and Thursdays starting September 10th.  We had a big schedule shuffle and I’ll be taking over the Tuesday and Thursday 6pm Gentle/Beginner Hatha classes.  If you are unsure of when I’m teaching, you can always check my Yoga with Annie! page for my current group schedule.  I’ve taken and subbed these classes and I think they’ll be a great fit.  I encourage you to check them out.  For those of you looking for a more challenging practice, no worries!  I’ll sneak in a more challenging variation or two if there’s a demand for it! 🙂

Thanks for your patience with the housekeeping post!  A new yoga hack/asana post is on the docket for next week!

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