Wall Cobra

Have I mentioned that the wall is my favorite yoga prop? Maybe once or twice? Yeah, I suspect that you knew that.  Anyways, I’m sure I’ll eventually talk about other propped poses, but for today I’m sticking with the wall and how to use it for back bends.   I’ve already shown you how awesome … Continue reading

Schedule Updates and News

This has been a really awesome summer for me and for Supportive Yoga.  I’ve been teaching three classes a week at Golden Heart Yoga, including two very successful Yoga for Larger Bodies miniseries!  When I started working with Golden Heart Yoga, I wasn’t really sure what would happen once the summer was over, but I’m … Continue reading

L-Shaped Handstand

I’m on an inversion kick (haha – get it?) lately.  We’ve already established that inversions are my favorite group of yoga poses and that I wish that more people thought that inversions were accessible to them.  If you are a reader of this blog, you’ve probably heard me throw around the term L-shaped handstand often … Continue reading

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