A Year

This week, one year ago, I started this blog.  I wanted a way to share all cool ideas I had for yoga hacks and sequencing and everything I was learning through teaching (true story – my students are my best teachers!)  When I published my first few posts, all I wanted was one person to … Continue reading

Upside down again

When I was little, my mom never let me say, “I can’t.”  I rolled my eyes like every kid does.  She was convinced that the key to maintaining my self-esteem was for me to believe that anything was possible if I put my mind to it, and that a “defeatist” attitude was destructive.  I still … Continue reading

Finding plank

I know, I know – why would you want to find plank? Plank was just fine lost, thank you very much!  I get it – plank is a pain (literally sometimes).  There’s nothing like the audible groan that goes around the room when I say, “come forward into a plank pose”, especially when students expect … Continue reading

Wall Dog

It’s no secret that I love using the wall in my yoga practice and in my own classes.  My favorite thing to hear from teachers is, “please take your mats to the wall” – it’s a signal that awesome things are going to happen.  When I teach my larger bodies classes I keep the mats … Continue reading

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