Supportive Yoga in the Washington Post

The Washington Post covered my Yoga for Larger Bodies Miniseries at Golden Heart Yoga and wrote a really amazing article about me, and the greater community of yoga teachers that serve large, curvy, round etc…bodies.  I’m really hoping that this article will encourage more people of every shape and size to come to yoga classes!

You can see the article here:

UPDATED: also covered the story:

UPDATED AGAIN: YogaDork wrote an awesome article:

I’m thrilled, of course, that I am getting all this amazing exposure, but I’m equally pumped that a high profile media outlet ran a lovely, positive article about those of us that don’t fit the “standard” yoga mold!  I hear so often how many people are frustrated that the media, especially publications like Yoga Journal, don’t represent them.  We still have a looooooooong way to go in terms of representing the full diversity of the yoga community in the press, but I’d like to think that this article is a small but important step.

I’m really hoping this gets shared as widely as possible.  And I’m so grateful to Golden Heart Yoga and Julie Eisenberg (the owner) for offering the class and being so incredibly supportive of me and our students.   I literally could not have done this without her or the studio.

I’m so happy that the article also mentions so many wonderful teachers out in the blogosphere – some of whom I know and and who have been such an inspiration to me!  Let’s get these classes out there – as my colleague, Dena Kahn, says, “There is such a need!”  Amen to that.

5 Responses to “Supportive Yoga in the Washington Post”
  1. I enjoyed the article — Any chance of visiting the Annapolis location someday?

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