Hugger Mugger GIVEAWAY reminder

Wow. 😀

This has been an overwhelming few days for sure.  Between the giveaway, starting to work with a new studio, and regaining a pose I’d thought I’d lost forever (more on that later) I’m pretty sure my head has been rearranged a few times.  I knew getting Hugger Mugger to let me giveaway a bolster was a neat idea and I knew people would be excited, but this has been awesome, and crazy and can I just say that you are all fabulous.

Having no idea what kind of attention the giveaway would receive, I decided to keep in open for 2 whole weeks.  Yup.  So you still have time to enter, tell your friends to enter and to make sure you have claimed each of your three entries.  As a reminder, here are the rules (please read carefully):

1.  Leave a comment on the original post telling me what you’d use your bolster for first when it arrives.  That pose you’ve tried over and over, but just need a little boost?  A yummy restorative practive?  Anything is possible!

2.  For an extra entry, follow Supportive Yoga on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a separate comment on the blog post telling me you’ve done so.

3.  For a third entry, follow Hugger Mugger on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a third comment on the blog post telling me you have done so.

Leaving separate comments for each action will ensure that I count each of your entries (limit three entries per person).

***NOTE: US Residents Only (sorry, I know, but them’s the rules)

***NOTE #2: Comments on this post, while awesome, don’t count.  Please comment on the original giveaway post.

2 Responses to “Hugger Mugger GIVEAWAY reminder”
  1. Nicole Gutrich says:

    I love using a bolster for supta baddha konasana. So wonderful!

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