New Yoga for Larger Bodies Miniseries at Golden Heart Yoga

Announcing a new Supportive Yoga Miniseries: Yoga for Larger Bodies at Golden Heart Yoga in Petworth, DC on Wednesday nights at 7:15 in June and July!

I’m so excited (I say that a lot) to start working with Golden Heart Yoga – a neighborhood studio in Petworth.  I originally approached the owner of the studio about teaching general classes (announcement for those coming soon, I hope!) and after chatting about my background and teaching style, she proposed a Yoga for Larger Bodies miniseries this summer.  Serendipitously (is that a word?), the time she suggested was very similar to when my plus size class was held at Blue Heron. It’s almost like it was meant to be!!

I really hope those of you who are local will sign up for this opportunity.  It’s very reasonably priced ($45 for 4 classes) and I can’t wait to show you all of the amazing ways the yoga practice can be customized to your body.  If you ever felt like you wanted to try a yoga class but didn’t want to be the only larger yogi in the room, this class is for you.  Do you have a friend who wants to try yoga but feels intimidated? Bring them along!  Guys are welcome too.

You can find out all the details on the Golden Heart Yoga website, but here are the dates and description:

Wednesdays 6/19/13, 6/26/13, 7/10/13 and 7/17/13 at 7:15pm (it’s a 4 week series with a break for the week of July 4th)

Experience all of the benefits of yoga with the pace and postures specifically adapted for your body.   Stretch, strengthen, and build endurance with a practice designed to complement your individual strengths and challenges.  Whether a complete beginner or a more experienced yogi, students will enjoy all that yoga has to offer using breath, meditation, modified poses and props in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment.  Do you have a large, round or curvy body? Think yoga isn’t for you or struggling to make yoga work for you? Try this class and explore all the amazing possibilities for your practice! Register for all 4 and save!

Hope to see you there!  And don’t forget to enter my bolster giveaway.

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