Hugger Mugger Bolster Giveaway WINNER

Thank you so much to everyone for entering!  And and even bigger thank you to Hugger Mugger for providing the goods! And the winner is… Bethania!  She said she would use her bolster for “Supta Baddha Konasana, supported bridge pose, supported shoulderstand….hmmm, I just like everything supported! and restorative. I LOVE restorative”.  Congratulations!!!  Email me … Continue reading


Throughout my 10+ years of yoga practice, my body has changed dramatically.  I’ve gone down then up again around 100 pounds and I like to think that I’ve done my best to practice and more importantly to celebrate my body through all of its iterations.  However, I can’t lie to you and say that my … Continue reading

Hugger Mugger GIVEAWAY reminder

Wow. 😀 This has been an overwhelming few days for sure.  Between the giveaway, starting to work with a new studio, and regaining a pose I’d thought I’d lost forever (more on that later) I’m pretty sure my head has been rearranged a few times.  I knew getting Hugger Mugger to let me giveaway a … Continue reading

New Yoga for Larger Bodies Miniseries at Golden Heart Yoga

Announcing a new Supportive Yoga Miniseries: Yoga for Larger Bodies at Golden Heart Yoga in Petworth, DC on Wednesday nights at 7:15 in June and July! I’m so excited (I say that a lot) to start working with Golden Heart Yoga – a neighborhood studio in Petworth.  I originally approached the owner of the studio … Continue reading

Hugger Mugger Bolster GIVEAWAY!!

Hi Everyone!  I’m SUPER excited to be giving away a Hugger Mugger standard bolster!!  I wish you could see how fidgety I am right now sitting in my office because of how over the moon I am about this opportunity.  I approached Hugger Mugger because I wanted to do a giveaway to celebrate the growth … Continue reading

Why a private or semi-private lesson might be right for you

They’re heeeeeerrreee!!! Take a look at my shiny new Supportive Yoga marketing postcards!  You might recognize the photos and Supportive Yoga logo (hand drawn and painstakingly retouched using Paint software) from the blog. Why yes, that is one of those nifty QR code thingies.  Hopefully it’s shouting, “Please scan me, people!” I’ve been giving these … Continue reading

Yoga Clothing for Larger Bodies UPDATE

When I check my search terms (and stop giggling about some of the wackier ones), I notice that many of you find my blog by looking for yoga and workout clothes for those of us with larger bodies.  Cute, functional workout clothes above a size large can be really hard to find,which sucks, and seems … Continue reading

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