What draws you?

I had an interesting experience the other day in the Zumba class I take at the gym sometimes.  A number of circumstances resulted in the class being taught at varying points by 3 different teachers.  It was an unprecedented (for me) opportunity to take a look at 3 different teaching styles and evaluate why one worked better for me than the others.

I love Zumba and definitely prefer some teachers over others, but I’m not picky to the point of ridiculousness the way I am with yoga teachers.  I assume that my pickiness for yoga teachers is partly to blame on my being a yoga teacher, but to be fair, I was pretty darn picky before I started teaching too.  I’ve also been practicing yoga for a lot longer than I’ve been doing Zumba.

The Zumba class made me start thinking about what draws me to a particular yoga teacher (or more frequently makes me shy away). I hesitate when people ask me to give me their opinions of yoga teachers or studios (though I usually don’t hold out for long) because I’m so freaking particular.  I don’t want to color someone else’s experience or impose my craziness onto them.  In general terms though, I think warmth, expertise (this is probably the most important to me right now), creativity and an open mind are what I look for in a yoga teacher.

I want to open it up to you – I know there are a few of you out there, so don’t be shy!  What draws you to a yoga teacher or studio?  What makes you want to come back?  What makes you want to turn on your heel and skedaddle?  What are your top things to look out for when you try a new teacher or class?


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