Space left in my Plus Size Yoga series

Do you live in the DC metro area? Do you wish there was a yoga class that would address your individual practice (without having to pay for pricey private lessons)? Look no further! I teach Plus Size Yoga at Blue Heron Wellness in Silver Spring, MD and I’d love it if you (yes, you) would join us.  Like the blog? You’ll love the class!

Folks of all shapes and sizes participate and it’s a great and welcoming group. Bring your hard questions and any issues you may be working with! Men are more than welcome to join too! Plus size isn’t just for ladies 🙂

I run an all-levels class – meaning I will teach to your particular ability and needs. Because I cap the class at 10 people or so, there is always time for personal attention. I’m more than happy to have beginners in the class but I make sure veteran yogis are engaged and challenged as well.


Q. What’s the difference between your class and a gentle yoga or a yoga I class?

A. More modifications specific for your body!  I also wouldn’t categorize the practice I teach as gentle yoga per se – we work on building strength, endurance and flexibility.  Plus size yogis are capable of so much and while I love gentle yoga, I think there are enough classes offering it at studios already.  Because of the small class size, I am able to teach complete beginners and people who have been practicing for a while.  The class is almost always a mix of newbies and veterans.

Q.  I see the class is a 10 week series.  Do you teach the same thing each time? Once I take the class for one session is it worth it to me to take it again?

A.  First of all, I’m thrilled people give me credit for remembering what I taught during the last series ;).  Seriously though, because my understanding of my own practice changes and because the students who show up changes from week to week, every series is different.  I love bringing in new ideas, changing sequences around to suit my attendees and experimenting with different prop setups (which don’t always work the first time!). I promise that you will see new material and new ideas each series and the longer you practice the better yoga gets!

Q.  I’ve never done yoga before, is that ok?

A. Totally, completely ok.  Everyone has to walk into that first class sometime!

Q.  I have x injury or y issue, can I take your class?

A. Absolutely.  I’m very good at working around injuries and issues.  Can’t put any weight on your wrists? Have cranky knees? These are things we can work with and around to give you the best yoga experience possible.

Q. I’m not flexible, strong, etc etc etc…

A. So what? I’m sure you are more than you give yourself credit for!

Anymore questions? hesitations? whatever you need, please email me at and I’d be happy to chat with you.

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