Warning: this one’s personal.

Anyone who’s been practicing yoga for any amount of time in studios likely has a yoga home.  Perhaps it’s the first studio you ever tried or possibly the studio you found after years of searching.  Wherever your yoga home is, chances are, you are quite attached to it.  You will probably shake your head when you hear about other yoga students’ homes (I almost had a heart attack when I read one blogger’s gushing description of her yoga teacher squirting water on her in savasana – pun totally intended!  If anyone tried that with me, I’d be out the door so fast you wouldn’t believe it!)

If you are like me and have had to leave your yoga home (moved 250 miles away), you’ll mourn deeply. You’ll spend years looking for a new home (maybe unsuccessfully), while clinging to the vestiges of the connection you have with your old yoga home.  Five years later, it’s becoming clear that the connection is fading simply due to the fact that I’m not around there much anymore.

Anyone who has been studying yoga philosophy or Buddhist philosophy knows that “non-attachment” is considered something to strive for.  I spend a lot of time assuring myself that yoga is yoga and that I can practice it anywhere.  I love teaching at the studio I’m at now, but I don’t take class much there despite some fabulous colleagues who are happy to have me plunk down my mat in their classes.  In the past 5 years, I’ve tried many studios around the DC area but I haven’t found one yet that makes me want to take up residence.  I can and do practice at home but I firmly believe that yogis need teachers.  The relationship in yoga between the teacher and student is so special and so necessary that I can’t give up on finding a new yoga home.

Forgive my whining, but surely I’m not the only yogi or yoga teacher who’s had this experience.  I’d love to start a discussion in the comments about how you’ve dealt with similar issues.

2 Responses to “Home”
  1. amberkarnes says:

    I just moved, and am searching for a new “yoga home” as well. I feel your pain! I am looking forward to trying studios and getting to know new teachers, but you’re right, there’s nothing like your home base!

  2. It’s tough, but can be exciting too. I definitely don’t want to be too much of a downer :). Maybe I’m too “discriminating”…heh.

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