The Impromptu Private

Hello from Chicago!  The boyfriend and I have been running around like crazy, so I haven’t had too much chance to blog.  You’ll be happy to know that I plucked up the courage to go to a yoga class at the studio across from the hotel the other day and had a good experience (nothing … Continue reading

Supportive Yoga on Vacation

I’m in Chicago this week for vacation so the blog posts will be a little different than usual.  If you are attached to the normal format, no worries – I’ll be back next week with props and sequences! My boyfriend was kind enough to book us a hotel room right across the street from one … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary

One year ago, tomorrow, I finished my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour program with Prajna Yoga.  I’d been teaching group classes in Maryland for about a month and private classes for a while before then plus my apprenticeship at Mala Yoga 4 years earlier, but this was my rubber stamp.  I was official.  To say … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesdays: Home Practice Roundup

I don’t have a new sequence or set of poses to share with you this morning (I know, boo Annie!) but I thought it might be useful to show you how you could put some of the sequences and hacks I’ve already covered together to create a full home practice.  Depending on how quickly you … Continue reading

King Cobra at the wall

King Cobra (Raja Bhujanghasana) is one of those poses that seems like a pipe dream.  You see it in the pages of yoga journal or in super fancy “advanced” yoga classes, but it’s not a pose that is featured much in most classes you take –  you might hear it suggested as a challenging modification … Continue reading

What draws you?

I had an interesting experience the other day in the Zumba class I take at the gym sometimes.  A number of circumstances resulted in the class being taught at varying points by 3 different teachers.  It was an unprecedented (for me) opportunity to take a look at 3 different teaching styles and evaluate why one … Continue reading

Space left in my Plus Size Yoga series

Do you live in the DC metro area? Do you wish there was a yoga class that would address your individual practice (without having to pay for pricey private lessons)? Look no further! I teach Plus Size Yoga at Blue Heron Wellness in Silver Spring, MD and I’d love it if you (yes, you) would … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesdays: Supported Full Sun Salutation A

You’ve seen me use a bolster to support the dreaded chaturanga to upward dog transition.  Now, I will demonstrate doing all of Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) A with the bolster handy to support you.  This is one of my favorite things to do in my home practice and it really helps make the sun salutation … Continue reading

Headstand Prep/Dolphin

Morning everyone! The weather here in DC is simply gorgeous – sunny, cool in the mornings, comfortably warm in the afternoons.  The windows are thrown open and I’m trying to avoid the Athleta website like the plague so I won’t purchase big fluffy (expensive) sweater dresses.  🙂 Days like this make me want to play, … Continue reading


Warning: this one’s personal. Anyone who’s been practicing yoga for any amount of time in studios likely has a yoga home.  Perhaps it’s the first studio you ever tried or possibly the studio you found after years of searching.  Wherever your yoga home is, chances are, you are quite attached to it.  You will probably … Continue reading

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