Did you know?

That anyone can practice yoga? That you have the right to take any class you want, no matter who you are?  That your $20 gives you the right to the same mat space as anyone else? That you are beautiful? That your body is amazing no matter what shape it’s in? That a good yoga … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesday: Warriors!

I always wanted to teach a class that featured all of the various warrior poses that I’ve seen over the years, both traditional and non.  Warrior I, II and III are the classical poses, but yogis have gotten very creative and come up with some new favorites like peaceful/goddess/reverse warrior, which I love as well. … Continue reading

Chair Headstand Video

Hi Everyone!  After I posted on Friday about getting my plus size yoga class to do Chair Headstand and to turn their “I can’t”s into “I can”s, Amber from Body Positive Yoga asked via Twitter if I could do a video of me demonstrating the pose.  I’ve never done video before, but Amber gave me … Continue reading

Upside Down

When you teach yoga (and probably any physical movement based activity) you deal with a lot of “I can’t”s.  I can’t do that pose, I can’t make time for class, and, my personal favorite, I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible. When you teach plus size yoga, you deal with the usual “I can’t”s, … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesdays: Wheel, Redux

Good morning!  The touch of fall in the air is giving me some much needed energy for today’s post.  I have to admit that this isn’t a sequence per se.  I’m going to call it a pose process – as in, there are a lot of steps to this version of wheel and I encourage … Continue reading

Keeping it simple: Downward Dog with blocks

Happy Monday everyone!  After taking Friday off from yoga blogging, I’m feeling like I have 12 different things to tell you!  But, rather than inundate you with all of my thoughts from the last 5 days, I’m going to follow the advice of my yoga teachers and keep it simple.  Before we get started on … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesdays: More fun with the Fitness Ball!

This is more of a home practice sequence for me – most studios don’t have a ton of fitness balls lying around (totally understandable – those suckers take up A LOT of space! See: my living room).  But if you are lucky enough to practice in a studio that has them, have access to a … Continue reading

Supported Supta Virasana

Good morning!  I’d really prefer to be back in bed, so this morning is a perfect time to share one of my favorite reclined (supta) restorative poses, Supportive Yoga style! When I was younger and more limber, the full version of supta virasana (reclined hero’s pose) was one of my favorites.  But then when my … Continue reading


I saw something on facebook the other day, which got me thinking…  It was one of those inspirational quote against a picture backdrop posts that are very prevalent these days.  It said something along the lines of, “I regret doing that workout – said no one, never.”  I think there is a lot to this … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesdays: Standing Series at the wall

Good morning everyone!  I woke up with a horrible headache this morning and definitely considered going back to bed.  But, then I wouldn’t be able to share this week’s sequence with you and that would be sad.  So without further ado, here is my favorite set of poses to do against the wall.  To make … Continue reading

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