An informal review of my class and supported navasana

I was so excited to have Samantha of Yogitastic take my class a while ago.  Sam is another amazing yogini that I connected with online.  She was kind enough to write a quick review of my class and asked me to answer some questions as part of her “Sharing the light” series.  You can find out what she thought of me and what she asked here.  I’m all over the internet this month!

During the class I offered a version of navasana (boat pose) that I learned from my teacher, Tias Little.  Since Sam loved it so much, I thought I’d describe it here.

Basically, you take a yoga belt and make as big a loop as you can.  Make sure your loop is secure – i.e. give it a good yank.

Place the belt around your torso under your arms and then place the balls of your feet into the other end of the loop.  Come into the navasana shape and tighten the belt if necessary.

The belt should help hold you up so you can concentrate on engaging your abs and bringing your lower back into your body.  You will need to balance on your sits bones – it takes a bit of practice to not roll forward or back, but it is worth it!

If you are taller you will need at least an 8 foot strap to be able to extend  your legs.  If you are working with a strap that is too short for your body you can simply keep your legs bent.

Give it a try and let me know how it went in the comments!

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