Supported Wheel or the Fitness Ball Rocks my Socks

First off – thank you so so so much to my student and friend, Melinda Cordero, for rescuing me from horrible photo land! She was kind enough to host a photo shoot for me yesterday and we took tons of pictures that will be featured in upcoming posts, starting with this one. Props are awesome…really. … Continue reading

Yoga clothing for larger bodies

I admit it…I have a bit (cue boyfriend Steve snorting) of a yoga clothing addiction. Actually a clothing addiction in general, but that’s not as relevant. We just bought a huge new dresser for the bedroom and I insisted that all of my clothes would fit in it. Steve laughed and said, “yeah ok.” He … Continue reading

Sequence Wednesdays – Abbreviated Sun Saluation

I teach my regular class on Wednesday evenings – Plus Size Yoga at Blue Heron Wellness – so it is a good day to share my weekly sequence ideas.  Note to class participants who read the blog – this isn’t necessarily what will show up in class.  That would be boring and take the fun … Continue reading

An informal review of my class and supported navasana

I was so excited to have Samantha of Yogitastic take my class a while ago.  Sam is another amazing yogini that I connected with online.  She was kind enough to write a quick review of my class and asked me to answer some questions as part of her “Sharing the light” series.  You can find … Continue reading

Welcome to Supportive Yoga!

Supportive Yoga was born out of the idea that a good yoga teacher should be able to customize a practice for all bodies.  I realized on my path to teacher training that I was offering something different from the usual yoga fare, but did not know what to call it.  After completing the prenatal section … Continue reading

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